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A web-based framework for urban data sharing and dynamic integration

Hongxia Wang, Andy Hamilton, John Counsell, Joseph Tah


In urban planning and management, data sharing and integration are always problematic because urban datasets are heterogeneous and scattered in different domains and organisations. This paper introduces the research work being carried within the Virtual Environment Planning (VEPS) project. Based on a loosely-coupled mediator system and Open Geospatial Consortium’s Web Services (OWS) architecture, a Web-based information service framework is designed to support the sharing and integration of geo-spatial information, building information and other related information. In this framework, a Building Feature Service (BFS) is defined to implement the retrieval of building information model on the Web according to the OWS principles. The BFS can act as a Web-based building information server for urban planning and construction stakeholders. As proof of concept, an initial prototype is developed to demonstrate the data sharing and integration based on this web-based information service framework.

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