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La trayectoria residencial de la inmigración en Madrid y Barcelona. Un esquema teórico a partir del análisis cualitativo

Pilar Garcia Almirall, Agustín Frizzera


This article aims at proposing a theoretical scheme that illustrates the residential behavior of
non-EU population in Spain. This scheme is the result of the analysis of 50 interviews in depth,
made in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona.
This empirical data enable the distinction of four stages in the migratory integration process: the
landing, the arrival, the establishment and the stabilization. Those stages synthesize the route
of a non-EU immigrant towards the satisfaction with his/her residential situation.
Each stage shows differences in the criteria of residential location, the kind of dwelling desired
and its composition. Besides, the stages evolve according to the immigrant's origin, his/her
human capital, his/her access to social networks and according to his/her migratory project.

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