Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2012: Vol.: 35 Num.: 2


XXXth IUGB Congress and Perdix XIII. PDF (English)
F. Buner, M. Puigcerver 153-154


Wildlife law and policy PDF (English) PDF (Castellano)
S. Bertouille 159-161
Estimating the economic impact of a long–term hunting ban on local businesses in rural areas in Greece: a hypothetical scenario PDF (English) PDF
K. G. Papaspyropoulos, J. Koufis,, L. Tourlida, A. Georgakopoulou 163-170
Management of waterfowl shooting during periods of severe weather in the UK PDF
M. B. Ellis 171-174
Visual counts, bioacoustics and RADAR: three methods to study waterfowl prenuptial migration in Southern France PDF
T. Beroud, J. Druais, Y. Bay, J. C. Ricci 175-188
Spatial behaviour and survival of translocated wild brown hares PDF
C. Fischer, R. Tagand 189-196
First estimation of Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) abundance and density using digital cameras and capture–recapture techniques in a German national park PDF
K. Weingarth, C. Heibl, F. Knauer, F. Zimmermann, L. Bufka, M Heurich 197-207
Reproduction of wild boar in a cropland and coastal wetland area: implications for management PDF
C. Rosell, F. Navàs, S. Romero 209-217
Human–wildlife interactions PDF
C. Rosell, F. Llimona 219-220
Characteristics of wild boar (Sus scrofa) habituation to urban areas in the Collserola Natural Park (Barcelona) and comparison with other locations PDF
S. Cahill, F. Llimona, L. Cabañeros, F. Calomardo 221-233
Influence of tourism and traffic on the Eurasian lynx hunting activity and daily movements PDF
E. Belotti, M. Heurich, J. Kreisinger, P. Šustr, L. Bufka 235-246
Influence of new irrigated croplands on wild boar (Sus scrofa) road kills in NW Spain PDF
V. J. Colino–Rabanal, J. Bosch, Mª J. Muñoz, S. J. Peris 247-252
Game species monitoring using road-based distance sampling in association with thermal imagers: a covariate analysis PDF
K. Morelle, P. Bouché, F. Lehaire, V. Leeman, P. Lejeune 253-265
Non-invasive genetic approaches for estimation of ungulate population size: a study on roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) based on faeces PDF
C. Ebert, J. Sandrini, B. Spielberger, B. Thiele, U. Hohmann 267-275
Landscape ecology and wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) habitat modeling in the Mediterranean region PDF
M. Narce, R. Meloni, T. Beroud, A. Pléney, J. C. Ricci 277-283
Aerial ungulate surveys with a combination of infrared and high–resolution natural colour images PDF
U. Franke, B. Goll, U. Hohmann, M. Heurich 285-293
Common–interest community agreements on private lands provide opportunity and scale for wildlife management PDF
L. A. Powell 295-306

Perdix XIII

Twenty years of the grey partridge population in the LAJTA Project (Western Hungary) PDF
S. Faragó, G. Dittrich, K. Horváth–Hangya, D. Winkler 311-319
Galliformes science and species extinctions: what we know and what we need to know PDF
P. J. K. McGowan, L. L. Owens, M. J. Grainger 321-331
Post–breeding movements and migration patterns of western populations of common quail (Coturnix coturnix): from knowledge to hunting management PDF
J. D Rodríguez–Teijeiro, F. Sardà–Palomera, M. Puigcerver 333-342
Determining population trends and conservation status of the common quail (Coturnix coturnix) in Western Europe PDF
M Puigcerver, F. Sardà–Palomera, J. D. Rodríguez–Teijeiro 343-352
The grey partridge in the UK: population status, research, policy and prospects PDF
N. J. Aebischer, J. A. Ewald 353-362
Restoration of a wild grey partridge shoot: a major development in the Sussex study, UK PDF
J. A. Ewald, G. R. Potts, N. J. Aebischer 363-369
Rock partridge (Alectoris graeca graeca) population density and trends in central Greece PDF
V. A. Bontzorlos, C. G. Vlachos, D. E. Bakaloudis, E. N. Chatzinikos, E. A. Dedousopoulou, D. K. Kiousis, C. Thomaides 371-380
Restoration of a sustainable wild grey partridge shoot in eastern England PDF
R. A. H. Draycott 381-386
Every partridge counts, successful techniques used in the captive conservation breeding programme for wild grey partridge in Ireland PDF
K. Buckley, P. Kelly, B. Kavanagh, E. C. O’Gorman, T. Carnus, B. J. McMahon 387-393
Does fox control improve red–legged partridge (Alectoris rufa) survival? An experimental study in Northern Spain PDF
A. Mateo–Moriones, R. Villafuerte, P. Ferreras 395-404
Effectiveness of habitat management for improving grey partridge populations: a BACI experimental assessment PDF
E. Bro, P. Mayot, F. Reitz 405-413
The invertebrate diet of northern bobwhite chicks in Georgia, United States PDF
D. A. Butler, W. E. Palmer, M. P. Cook 415-418
Microsatellite markers show distinctiveness of released and wild grey partridges in Finland PDF
T. Liukkonen, L. Kvist, S. Mykrä 419-428
Does the use of playback affect the estimated numbers of red–legged partridge Alectoris rufa? PDF
P. Tizzani, E. Negri, F. Silvano, G. Malacarne, P. G. Meneguz 429-435