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Tadeus Peiper como traductor de la poesía ultraísta al polaco (1921-1922)

Emilio Quintana, Jorge Mojarro Romero


The Polish poet Tadeusz Peiper (1891-1969) –one of the leading figures of the Polish literary avant-garde and founder of the Awangarda Krakowska movement– was chiefly responsible for introducing Ultraist poetry into Poland. After returning to his reborn nation in 1921 (he had spent the First World War years in Madrid), he came into contact with the Polish Futurist magazine Formisci and the avant-garde journal Nowa Sztuka, in which he published poems by Vicente Huidobro and several Ultra poets, notably including some of the first poems by Jorge Luis Borges to be translated into a foreign language. The present article examines Peiper’s translations from a textual point of view, without losing sight of their importance for the construction of his own contribution: the Awangarda Krakowska movement. In the appendix we present the first translation into Spanish of the article “Nowa poezjia hiszpanska” (Nowa Sztuka, February 1922), in which Peiper outlined his interpretation of the Madrid Ultra, as well as the original texts and their translation into Polish of the anthology of Ultraist poetry which it accompanied by way of introduction.

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